Saturday, 23 October 2010

Only the shortest venture out.

The Safari was thwarted today. After yesterday's happy ending with the electrician today gave us a disaster!!! The central heating boiler has decided to try to blow itself up, fortunately the pressure release valve is working. So while waiting in for an engineer who can't turn up til Monday and bad weather the only safari today was a short spin round a bit of Patch 1. suppose its better that it fails now rather than when it gets really cold or over the Christmas holiday. But the Safari always catrries a camera - just in case - and on the tower the pair of Peregrines were doing their best to stay dry, sorry about the quality it is a bit high up for the pocket jobby. You might have to go to Specsavers but there are two in the pic - honest!

Dunno if the Tree Sparrows are still present on the nature reserve but we have found out that they have been seen on odd occassions in recent years, usually, if not exclusively, singles.
Where to next? Family birthday so perhaps no safari except the early morning Patch 1 darkness.
In the meantime let us know if any domestic appliances have come to grief in your outback


Monika said...

Sorry about the appliance failure - that's never fun! Everything is functioning here for the moment, but we'll see if the electricity lasts through this wind storm....

cliff said...

Two peregrines on a day when you've been pretty much confined to barracks isn't a bad return.

Good luck getting your boiler sorted.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cliff that's no way to talk about Wifey!!! BTW your fieldfare in flight pics are humdingers - and I could easily recognise the Cetti's.


cliff said...

"that's no way to talk about Wifey!!!" you'll notice I resisted the urge to say old bolier ;-)

Thanks for the comments re my photos.
Just seen a fieldfare in a tree 3 gardens down from me, by the time I got my camera on it it was in a tree 5 gardens down, good to see them visiting gardens already though, hopefully it'll be a bumper winter for our visiting thrushes - time to get some apples on the lawn.