Sunday, 24 October 2010

Speed birding

The Safari had family business to attend to today so birding was limited to what could be seen along the motorway from the passenger seat of at 70 mph; "yes Officer we were only doing 70" - honest.
Amongst the multitude of Eddie Stobart trucks sports cars were limited to a Porsche 911 4S and an Audi cabriolet. A Defender travelling northbound looked a tricky beast and we got a Land Rover tick in the shape of Freeloader Td4.e; the new one with the auto engine stop/start gadgetry, we hope it didn't come in to lay on his motorway drive. Really fancy one of the new all electric Range Rovers with independently driven electrically powered wheels and charges wirelessly from an induction plate - any one got a spare 150 grand in their back pocket?
Birds weren't much better with little in evidence. Kestrel 1 v 1 Buzzard were the only raptors. Two Jays flew over the carriageway, one on the outward journey and one on the return. One of which looked to be carrying an acorn or something similar.
A Stock Dove from the dual carriageway near our destination and a Pheasant in the fields were disappointing, there could have been a bit more, where are the Golden Plovers and Lapwing flocks of my youth.
Best sighting of the day was a very nicely tricked up Discovery outside the shops at the end of the road were we lived some 40+ years ago.
Where to next? Patch stuff, so more news of motionless Peregrines for you.
In the meantime let us know if you'd ever made an almighty c*ck-up like what we did on a certain wildlife messageboard last night - we'd blame the wine but we hadn't had that much...dohhh

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Monika said...

People keep life lists, year lists, state lists, county lists, patch lists, day lists....I've always thought it would be fun to keep a list of birds identified at over 60 mph.