Monday, 18 October 2010

Too much wind!

The Safari isn't referring to the aftermath of last night's dietarily poor but rather scrummy hot-dog and caramelised onions, with lashings of mustard, butties but rather to the weather creating somewhat of a silence on alternative Patch 1 this morning which due to the strong wind coming off the sea was a poor affair. We were over half way round before we heard the first Robin! In fact we’d already ticked off the Peregrine still asleep on its ledge.
On the home straight Frank suddenly turned round and pulled hard – his nose had picked up the scent of a young Hedgehog sitting quietly on the grass verge we had just passed. Camera out and a few snaps of the prickly little fella but only this one was any good.

As we walked quietly away he lifted up, they do look like they are on hydraulics, and pegged it off the grass and under the shrubs away to the left – just so long as he stays well away from that road. Doubt if he was the necessary 600g needed for successful hibernation yet and with cooler weather on the cards soon he’s gonna need to eat a lot and quickly if he’s gonna make it through to next spring.

The wind also made Patch 2 a bit on the quiet side too this morning, not much about other than a small number of Common Scoters and a Cormorant or two, on the almost full tide. At least it was mild.
The wind was still blowing briskly at lunchtime. The tide had dropped enough to allow 20 Oystercatchers and a few gulls to roost on the beach. Out at sea there were very few Common Scoters but something a little different came and just as suddenly went – an adult Kittiwake. We hoped that might be the start of a bit of movement but with a few more minutes of hard scanning it was evident that it was a one-off and we called it a day.
Not a great lot happenin’

Back on Patch 1 for Frank's evening game of togger there were now two Peregrines getting comfy on their ledges as the gloom drew in.
Where to next? More of the dull same but getting cooler and windier.
In the meantime let us know which way the wind is blowin in your outback


Warren Baker said...

That hodgypig looks like it could have done with one of your hot dog butties Dave :-)

Monika said...

I still find it so cool that you see hedgehogs. I went to look up their range and was surprised to see there are 17 species of hedgehogs!

PS I did hear about the mountain goat in Olympic NP...for some reason I didn't put two and two together! I'll watch out :)