Saturday, 2 October 2010

Not what we anticipated

The Safari's expected early start went by the way, we ended up on Patch 1 even later than normal. Still a shortage of Robins but bird of the day was the humble Dunnock, lots of them! Two roosting Peregrines last night had dwindled by half. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard - has it been here for a while and due to the times we visit we've missed it.
Those massive mushrooms just keep on growing!
Back at Base Camp we had to wait in for a tradesman so only had bits and bobs in/from the garden - a couple of Meadow Pipits went over and a handful of Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Great and Blue Tits visited the feeder. Next door's Rowan tree kept the local Blackbirds busy with several different individuals coming to gorge on the berries.

A large raptor went over the far side of the hill but had disappeared from view by the time we'd grabbed the bins. Later when out with Frank on a different field a bit further north and nearer the sea than Patch 2 we had a large female Sparrowhawk go over putting the wind up the House Sparrows, of which there were loads hidden in a Blackthorn thicket.
Where to next? Hoping to get out on safari tomorrow, not for the hoped for target species but they'll still be around for the rest of the year.
In the meantime let us know if those target species are still kicking around in your outback.
'Pool have it all to do at Anfield against a poor, so far this season, Liverpool - just hope they don't decide to reach their ful potential tomorrow. Today's results were generally good for 'Pool so dare they think they could come back to Bloomfield Road with three points in the bag?
Late Edit - can we have a Lapland Bunting tomorrow please -every other b*gger along this coast had one today!


Anonymous said...

"Late Edit - can we have a Lapland Bunting tomorrow please -every other b*gger along this coast had one today!"

There`s quite a few being reported inland as well Dave. It`s not fair!!!!

cliff said...

Dave - my mate "Mushroom Dave" reckons your 'shrooms are Parasols - Macrolepiota procera, but he also reckons the two smallers ones at the top of the photo are a different species but isn't sure what.



Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Any Lappies yet Dean - none here.

Cliff - Parasols sounds good, will check out the other two (there are more of them deeper under the bush) will try to get a pic or two but could be tricky in the pitch black!!! and rain!!!
PS ask Mushroom Dave how many Fly Agarics he's seen in Fylde we can't find anyone who ever has - one in Woodland gardens now - see BEAT Naturewatch website.



Anonymous said...

"Any Lappies yet Dean - none here".

None whatosever Dave.