Sunday, 3 October 2010

When the rain stopped

The Safari managed to get out for a short respite once the rain had stopped and found these Oyster Mushrooms just off Patch 1. The two Peregrines were in their usual place drying off.
News is in of a newly discovered tropical Orb weaver whose web can span gaps of over 25m!!! The stringers are the strongest natural fibre so far discovered....apart from those of this Garden Cross Spider which has been stuck to the back of the Land Rover for over a week and covered many a mile, some at more than 5mph too!
Oh boy...Liverpool 1 -Blackpool 2...YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Warren -this post was in draft while you left your comment on the last post - havin' me tea) The Safari snr is NOT a happy man! Beaten by Blackpool at home and now below last week's bottom placed Everton - an excellent result in the Safari's book! Stu, on the far side of the world, won't be a happy bunny happy either.
Seven games 10 points at this rate safety should be reached by 28 games and that leaves 10 to aim for a European place. Just need to start winning the home games...
Where to next? Almost not bothered about Lapland Buntings now...but tomorrow's another day.
In the meantime let us know the winners and losers in your outback.


Penny said...

Almost didn't open blog this morning... Can I offer sympathy to Safari Snr and say he can't feel worse than I do about yesterday's result?
Maybe a walk round the park will help, maybe I'll get the photo of the kite I'm trying so hard for..
The Reds will be back.... believe it.

Cheers, Penny

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Penny

Thanks for dropping by. Poor old pos has been a true Red for over 80 years - he's distraught...



Warren Baker said...

What a happy man !! All you need now is a late Whinchat :-)

Penny said...

I just have to leave another comment...

A Red for 80 years? Wow...

Please tell him I send him my best wishes... and as we rise up the table, as we surely will, I will imagine him cheering again.

BTW, thanks for the blog, it's wonderful.

Ta ra


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Penny - I got so sick of being told how good Liverpool were by the time I was four I was an Evertonian and actually still am but don't tell anyone wearing Blackpool colours!!!!!