Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No news is...

The Safari has been unavoidably detained by a central heating boiler, amongst other things in recent days. We have been out on an unproductive partially full but very dark Patch 1 walks, sans Peregrines. Just a small number of ticking Robins going about their early morning business, no sign of any further Redwings going over.
Out on Patch 2 safari's have been limited to less than five minutes so nothing other than the odd Common Scoter, not that they are in any way odd individually. The smattering of gulls haven't given us anything to get remotely excited about.
Where to next? Anywhere with the chance of a bird, insect, mammal or two.
In the meantime let us know if you've been able to see anything in your outback this week.
Sorry no pics - nowt to point the camera at but tomorrow's another day and the boiler is fixed!

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