Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A good old mixed bag

The Safari can now reveal the answer to the moth pic quiz
What excellent camouflage!
No chance of any Patch 2 visits today but on the way back to the office we stopped off at a pond to collect some water and mud and hopefully some bugs for the still fish-depleted pond which the children dip in. Out of the pond came a rather large Leech, now rehomed!
A few minutes before home time DB came and resued us from our desk for a quick few minutes looking at the 'rockpools'.
Gutweed, Sabellaria Worm tubes and a Beadlet Anemone
Can't wait for our phone upgrade to come in October - a waterproof phone with camera and HD video recording is gonna be a real boon!!!
Frank shocked us this evening by heading off to Patch 1!!! Quite a while since he's done that. The Peregrine was on the tower and beneath it the clover in the meadow was simply alive with bees - no doubt some prat with a mower will be along by the end of the week.
Just look at that White Clover!
Can yer see the bee?
At the pond a few children were catching tadpoles in the now repaired (?) pond - it's full of water for the first time in years!
We sat down for a couple of minutes and this tiny Frog climbed over the stones at our feet.
Where to next? Another school group tomorrow so a full day of ponds, mini-beasts and the beach...gonna be good if it doesn't rain.
In the meantime let us know what tiny tots are crawling around in your outback.

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