Sunday, 28 July 2013

National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2013 - Day 2

The Safari woke up to torrential rain and the whale watcher's nightmare a strong onshore wind.
Thankfully by the allotted time the rain had drifted over but the wind was still a bit too strong.
Again we were joined by several enthusiastic volunteers but enthusiasm wasn't converted into sightings. Several false alarms were raised by floating blobs of dark seaweed at various ranges. Very few birds were about but one of the very first we saw was a Gannet that we didn't get yesterday. A flock of six Golden Plovers was nice but seven Mallards flying by at some height was just plain weird, they were also seen a little later at Patch 2 - would be a good bird for our list down there, will they fly back tomorrow morning?
A fisherman was out yesterday in his boat just a couple of miles offshore a little to the north of our watchpoint and told us he had at least six Harbour Porpoises and a dozen Bottle Nosed Dolphins round his boat at different times around the high they were still around but we were at the wrong end of the coast.
We were very hopeful for the high tide today which was just about the end of our watch. By the time the tide was full the wind and sea state had dropped making viewing much better than earlier but we had a no-show :-(
A decent sized Sea Bass was caught by a fisherman in front of us which was taken home by another for a delicious fresh out of the sea dinner.
Our only photo today is from a newcomer to wildlife photography - our sister-in-law JF with her hot Blackbird panting away in her garden.
Where to next? Patch 2 beckons, butterflies if its warm and a whale and dolphin watch for about an hour at lunchtime - join us if you can.
In the meantime let us know what's hot in your outback.

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