Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Late but worth the wait

The Safari hasn't been able to take any pics for you today, much as we would have liked to as were able to watch the Bottle Nosed Dolphins for the best part of an hour - spectacular. Again we got a maximum count of seven but we think there could well have been more. One we didn't see yesterday was a well grown juvenile, anyone else see that one?
Instead of gratuitous dolphin pics we've got a selection from our Extreme Photographer from some of our recent safaris.
4-spotted Chaser
Barn Owl at dusk
Brown Hawker
Common Blue
Hovering Hoverfly
Large Yellow Underwing
Marsh Tit
Mating Azure Damselflies
Mating Muscidae flies
Female Reed Bunting
Small Tortoiseshell
Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Very wet Blue Tit
White Letter Hairstreak
A variety of cameras an lenses in use here.
Where to next? Will we get a fourth day of Bottle Nosed Dolphins - hope so and we hope they'll be close enough to get some never know your luck in a raffle. Wonder how big the fish shoal they are chasing is, is it big enough to sustain them for a few more weeks? Best time from two hours before high tide onwards.
In the meantime let us know what's been doing its utmost to avoid the lens in your outback.


Dave Wenning said...

Great photos Dave. I appreciate how difficult they were to catch.

Warren Baker said...

Ive been after a Brown Hawker shot for weeks Davyman, had some near misses, but thats about it !

cliff said...

Some fine shots there by "The Extreme", the Brown Hawker, Comma & Frit are, for my money, all particularly noteworthy.

Chantal said...