Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The sun shines on...

The Safari commuted by bike again today. We're still trying to beat the 20 minute barrier. Trouble is we've worked out our speed over the distance and it's only fractionally quicker than our brother runs his marathons and there's no way we could ride for 26 miles! 
We've been working on an upgrade of the work's displays over the last couple of months and finally the first of the new items have been fitted today.
Hopefully there'll me more new stuff in the near future, at ground level for the children to have a play with and learn some stuff while they're having fun.
Meanwhile another school turned up but we couldn't take them on the beach as the tide was too close to the wall already. But that was bye the bye, we still had plenty of fun looking at the art works on the prom - bet the kids didn't think they were going to see a purple illuminated dinosaur when they left home this morning!
In the afternoon we get them pond dipping and mini-beast hunting. All manner of beasties were potted but we have to hand it to one of the teachers for the best find of the session...and we quote "if Carlsberg did insects this would probably be the best insect in the world!" Like it! How can the children not get a good education with teachers with a sense of humour like that!
As we were putting all their kit away after they'd got back on their bus, we spotted the best invert of the day - shame. Ruby Tailed Wasps are always top dollar value!
Where to next? Ohhhhh 10 or more Bottle Nosed Dolphins have been seen not too far away so Patch 2 it is in the morning.
In the meantime let us know what was sneaking round the periphery of your outback.

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