Monday, 8 July 2013

Glorious and ain't it great

The Safari has been enjoying the very pleasant weather, doesn't it make a very refreshing change hope it lasts a few more days. Still 23C at 8.30pm - lovely.
Yesterday started by emptying the moth trap
Getting ready for action
As we approached the trap we could see there was a Marbled Beauty settled on the outside of the trap.
There were three in the end, new for the year. Grey Dagger was another first for the year - things are looking up.
 The previous day's Dark Arches was of the dark form, today's was a 'normal' one but very small.
Looking good so far but better was under the next egg box...a Pebble Prominent! not only new for the year but like the previous day's Lychnis new for us too...two lifer moths in the trap on consecutive nights can't be bad!
Phone cam
'Real' cam
 Well chuffed
A couple of micros caused ID problems
 Both turned out to be the same thanks to the Lancashire Lepidoptera Facebook group - Chrysotuechia culmella
Mid-morning our Extreme Photographer came round ready for a Frank-free safari a bit further afield. And what a day to be Frank-free, it would have been too hot for him but for us it was brill and great light for some wildlife photography.
In no particular order - just enjoy
Barred Straw
Common Spotted orchid
Dark Red Helleborine - must be nearly 30 years since we last saw one off these!
Our Extreme Photographer trying to get dragonfly action
Distant Large Red Damselfly - better was to come - - see below!
Tried to get nearer but we actually touched it with the lens and it did a bunk!
Moth sp - anyone know it, bit of a day flier
Mouse Eared Hawkweed
Newt & tiny Toad
Two small Palmate (?) Newts - one (or two :-) ) for iSpot
The all important chin shot, seems back to front to us no spots = Palmate but yellowy - Smooth
Orchid field - beautiful
Two Pond Skaters about to battle but they need to beware the Backswimmer is hunting them - we saw several attacks but none were successful
6-Spot Burnet on Bird's Foot Trefoil
Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Very isolated Biting Stonecrop - great for giving a little bit to school kids to try ;-)

Common Twayblade - just gone over
Violet Ground Beetle - lots of stones were turned before wee came across this beauty
Wasp Beetle - a lifer for both of us! not found under a rock but landed on our Extreme Photographers jeans!!!
Wild Strawberry - just thing on a hot afternoon when a Wimbledon Final is being played - we ate quite a few...little taste bombs!
Not a bad day at all!!!
Back at Base Camp a Blue Tailed Damselfly was wranglerd from inside the sitting room and taken outside for a photo opportunity.
This morning we joined another school group on the beach and had some good finds. A small Lobster (?) claw - off a boat or what?
 A real rarity - a whole Cuttlefish bone even the fragile wings are undamaged!
The day was finished with a walk on the beach for a getting fitter Frank - he played some ball and did some swimming in the beach pools.
Where to next? A day indoors tomorrow doing intersting things with wood, string, spirit levels and new stuff - could be fun, bound to be frustrating at times...but we should be able to have a look for stuff in or over Patch 2.
In the meantime let us know if you've been able to make photographic hay while the sunshines.


cliff said...

Some terrific sightings & photographs there Dave. The Pebble Prominent is a beauty, never seen one of those, gonna have to think about getting a moth trap. We had a Magpie Moth turn up in the garden whilst we were sat out yesterday evening.

The Large Red shot is an absolute gem , you nailed that one.

Looks a great place to visit, I'll have to have a chat with you re just where it is.

Re. the Wasp Beetle, you surprise me saying it's a lifer, I've had them in the garden a couple of times.

Warren Baker said...

Blimey Davyman, could you have stuffed any more into that day!

Excellent wildlifing :-)