Thursday, 18 July 2013

What on earth is going on a the mo?

The Safari is dismayed at some of the antics we've witnessed recently...irreplaceable Ancient Woodland being axed, obviously nothing is sacred now, we have a Minister for Communities who doesn't listen to the wishes of the community he's supposed to represent. A dubiously wanted rail line that will destroy even more of our tiny amount of remaining Ancient Woodland. Maybe someone should drive an Australian gold mine sized bulldozer through the front door of their country mansion and see what happens? Probably be accused of rampant vandalism...exactly!!!
Buzzard murdering gamekeepers get almost no sentence..did he get the sack? I'm sure if we'd broken a law connected to our work we'd not be in employment for long!Maybe the whole shoot should be shut down - has everyone signed the petition? How come it's not even reached 5 1/2 thousand signatures - do we not care about our  illegally vanishing raptors?
Don't get us started on the joke that was the very poor marine decision by the Welsh government today. 
It's almost as if the powers that be are seriously trying to distance themselves and the rest of us from the environment the actually supports everything we humans do!
Then there's the hedge pruners - why is it so bad to have lovely scented white flowers on a hedge? Obviously hedges, like grass, can only be one colour - plain green and uniformly dare they have flowers??? Whad'ya want? Lovely butterlies or something...well it is the start of the Big Butterfly Count today, please get involved it's really easy and the data is more vitally important than every before given the parlous State of Nature.
And talking of the RSPB...sorry...rspb now...have you seen their TV ad, all a bit too middle class for us there's thousands/millions of people who might have been encouraged to do something but the twee-ness may well put them off.
After yesterday's beach clean with a couple of enthusiastic volunteers - many thanks to you both - don't  get us started on litter - if you like our beach why the h*ll do you leave all your sh*te on it when you leave - don't bother coming back!
Never mind all that what has the Safari been up to? well we've been on the beach where there has been another, but lesser, influx of jellyfish including these rather large Lion's Manes Jellyfish.
We drove to work via a petrol station yesterday rather than along the prom and promptly missed three Bottle Nosed Dolphins - arrrggghhhh.
A bit of recompense was that we found - or had small people's help finding - a few new species for Patch 2 including a blob of invasive Wireweed from the Pacific Ocean.
And out with Wifey and Frank we found a small swimming crab's shed skin from a Portumnus latipes - no we've never heard of it and apparently it is only very sporadic in its occurrence around the British coastline although it has been found in the estuary to the south.
Not new but in prodigious numbers instead of just odd ones were Idotea balticas
In the work's garden our school groups and Beaver troop found a few new or potentially new species for the region never mind the town.
A solitary bee is yet be IDd
A diving beetle in the pond could be a Screech Beetle (would be new for town but not Fylde). But it could be Agapus sturmii which has been found round here. Those clever iSpotters are at a disagreement at the mo.
A ground beetle has them divided too
Either Black Cock or Strawberry Seed Beetle
Deffo new was this very distinctive true bug - we've never seen it before and it's barely been recorded in Lancashire and not in the Fylde
And finally we were called to an emergency at the neighbours yesterday which turned out to be this tiny Hedgehog - far to small to be out and about away from mum at any time of day not during the heat of a hot summer's day. She's gone to specialist Hedgehog Rescue Centre now.
So what's coming up? National Whale and Dolphin Watch for a start, really hope this calm weather lasts until the end of that!
Don't forget to have your camera ready too if you're in the area.
Where to next? More Patch 2 watching tomorrow - will there be any mammals?
In the meantime let us know what's found to be new in your outback.

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