Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mostly moffs n butters

The Safari has been busy in the garden and at Patch 1
Lots of pics...enjoy we'll annotate them as necessary.
Tbh we're not inspired to literary genius today - sorry
We joined up with our Extreme Photographer to try for the local Barn Owls - not particularly successful in the failing light..arty tho' don't you think ;-)
Blastobasis lacticolella? from Patch 1
Brown House Moth - dead on carpet
Cypress Tip Moth - 'normal' camera on super nmacro
Same individual with hand lens and phone cam
Dark (or Grey) Dagger - phone cam
Same individual with 'normal' cam
7-spot Ladybird on Timothy

Nursery Web Spider - phone cam
Rustic rather than Uncertain - we think?
Never seen butterflies taking salts before apart from on telly from far flung corners of the world - this isn't far flung it's the remains of a puddle on Patch 1
Normally skippers fly off after one another but not here; they tolerate each other and at one time there were three
Oyster - an old one from years ago
These guys risked their lives for a game of cricket - tide stopped play and can so easily stop life for those that get cut off.
So there you are half the weekend in a few pics.
Where to next? More butterfly and other invert action from Patch 1 and maybe somewhere else too.
In the meantime let us know what's out of focus in your outback.
Advance warning!!! National Whale & Dolphin Watch starts in a fortnight, you're welcome to join us but will this great spotting weather hold????
And don't forget to keep your Blackpool wildlife pics coming in for the BEAT NatureWatch display at the Solaris Centre.