Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A sad sad day

The Safari has another bit of a quiz for you today - can you find the moth? We spotted it land in the grass verge when we took Frank out yesterday tea-time. And if you can ID it too we'd be very grateful;Not to say impressed!

This morning out on Frank's first walk of the day we saw a Magpie swoop down and peck at a lump in the road. Another couple of steps gave us the answer we really didn't want - a dead Hedgehog. We have to admit we shed a little tear. But analysing the death more carefully CSI-style we reckon the the poor animal was deliberately killed - yes MURDERED. This road isn't a windy country lane but a straight wide well lit main road with a 30mph speed limit that isn't all that busy after mid evening and only sporadic traffic passes in the small hours. So the only explanation is that the driver could and should have seen the animal and had plenty of time to take safe avoiding action but didn't; that makes it murder in our eyes...sicko!!!  What a waste! But is it our Hedgie? We don't know yet, 'ours' was captured on Stealth-cam at 10pm last night but will it be seen tonight. Even if it is it doesn't make the stupid waste of a breeding animal any easier to bear...what kind of person does that sort of thing - possibly one who's been brought up on shoot em up computer games where life is cheap and you never actually get hurt...like we said before - sick! Wonder how many more thousands are unnecessarily killed? ANGRY doesn't come close!!!
On a lighter note we had 60 school children from inland to entertain with mini-beast hunts, pond dipping and the obligatory trip over to the beach. Some of the children had never seen the sea before and were doubly excited.
Loads of jellyfish were still about almost of all of them Moon Jellies.
All the usual suspects were netted and potted including another baby Dab. Probably the best find was the top carapace from an Edible Crab, not something we see very often at all here and a cluster of Squid eggs was nice to see as well.
Where to next? We have a tedious meeting all morning tomorrow and won't be able to get to Patch 2 ubtil lunchtime if at all.
In the meantime let us know who's popped up unexpectedly in your outback.

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cliff said...

Well I've studied your photo for a while & can't see a moth in there, is it using some sort of Romulan cloaking device?