Friday, 5 July 2013

In two minds

The Safari is doubly temped! Is it a northerly direction for the amazing Ascension Frigatebird, what a mega, thought we saw one once over Corrie Park on the way to school once...but in retrospect it was almost definitlety a young Gannet...but you never know...ohhh for a digital camera in those days, didn't even have a happy snappy disposable film camera in those days; the alternative would cost a few more quid aiming south and east to the remote wilds of western Queensland to have a go at the recently rediscovered Night Parrot - a bird that's been one of our dream birds for many years. If only!!!!!!!
Not a lot happening on Patch 2 just a couple of Gannets and a Common Tern with a distant Grey Seal bringing up the rear.
While waiting for our friend to drop by we started taking pics of the bees on the clover in the lawn - the scent coming off it was fantastic.
We have Britain in Bloom coming soon so no doubt it'll be mown for that removing all the blooms, didn't we see somewhere that flowering swards were becoming fashionable again - oh we do hope so...and soon!!!
We took some gratuitous bee pics.

And a big queen Tree Bee...all these taken with the phone-cam
A butterfly turned up too, been very few of these at work this year. Checking the Ragwort we could see no Cinnabar caterpillars, not seen an adult yet this season.
 Apologies for the over-exposed whites.
Frank took us to Magpie Wood which we are going to rename - all will be revealed shortly.
Rembember this from a couple of days ago?
 Well the inevitable has happened - Bee Hell!!! What was that about flowering swards?
 Worse was to come - the numpty has dumped all the cuttings in the now renamed Snot Wood - prat!!!
One huge pile of snot is bad enough but he obviously couldn't get any more on and today's cuttings are in a different part of the wood
So now about 20% of the woodland floor is covered in rank decaying grass, so much that it takes well over a year to rot away meaning next year's cuttings will be added to these piles - an absolute disgrace. 'Thankfully' it's a private company that does this and not our colleagues, they've been doing their own forms of biodiversity vandalism around town in the last couple of days! And you wonder why bees, butterflies, moths etc are having such a hard time - blame the 'Tidy Brigade'! How hard can it be to not cut grass so often or even see a sward is full of flowers and leave it for a few days?
Where to next? Early start tomorrow followed by some chores then in the afternoon who knows.
In the meantime let us know who's destroying the much needed bee habitat in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

The same kind of thing happens here Davyman - it's infuriating!

cliff said...

That's scandalous what they've done to that clover, why couldn't they just cut a few tidy pathways through it rather than destroy the whole lot. Surely Blackpool Council have some sort of environmental policies to try & help wildlife, you should send them your photos to highlight their stupidity.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Not the council this one Cliff but 'our' crew did mow off all the birds foot trefoil opposite the pleasure beach when out in full flower, no blue butts this year :-(

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...
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