Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The sun still shineth and boy does it shineth brightly

The Safari did have a frustrating morning but the afternoon went OK - job isn't finished but should be before we have another gaggle of school children to keep entertained...thankfully it won't rain but hopefully it wont be too hot for them either. Our work's corridor got to a flaming 48.2C this arvo - now that's hot! The other side of the door in the office it was much more comfortable.
No chance of much wildlifing except  at a very dead Patch 2, just two Grey Seals this morning.
An evening visit to the beach was very pleasant after a long hot day although we have to say we did enjoy our cycle rides too and from work; it's far more sociable than driving and there is always the chance of spotting something you'd probably miss from the car. Pedestrians are a nightmare at times though!!!!!!!
In the same runnel there was this small shed crab skin from a species of swimming crabs - look at thee fringing hairs on the back legs.
One for iSpot!
Where to next? A day of Patch 2, ponds, wildflower areas and the beach...hopefully the children will find some quality stuff for you.
In the meantime let us know who's got the hairiest legs in your outback.