Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A fishy sort of a day

The Safari went out with Frank before bedtime last night and heard a Green Sandpiper (Garden #36) going over. It's a bit of a scarcity but we hear one like this just about annually which leads us to wonder if there's a wet corner in the extensive school grounds across the way and they drop down on there during the hours of darkness, or maybe there's a lot more of them than we think and hearing them isn't unusual at all.
Later in the small hours a torrential downpour woke us up and as we dozed back off to sleep we heard a Curlew calling in the distance. A lovely sound to hear when drifting off to sleep.
This afternoon we had another family event rockpooling on the beach, about 15 young families turned up to explore the beach. All the usual suspects were found and potted for closer inspection. One of the mums called us over to see a flat fish - ohh this one was a bit different to the usual Dabs and Sole we've seen before. we thought it might have been a Plaice but chatting to fisherman friend LR it was actually a Turbot, a species we've not seen here before but according to LR are quite common around the low water mark. We might have a look down there with the older kids at the weekend.
Once back at Base Camp we had a look at what the stealth-cam had picked up. Lots of cats and even more vegetation blowing in the wind and then this little monkey! Strutting around like it owns the place at 07.30 this morning - we were pottering around in the kitchen only a few feet away at the time on our way out to work.
Where to next? Another beach session tomorrow but at a totally different place and one weve not been to look at before, could be interesting!
In the meantime let us know what's trying desperately to blend into the background in your outback.

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cliff said...

Ha, excellent footage of the Heron Dave.

I've had a few early morning Heron sightings at my small garden pond, but each sighting has only lasted seconds 'cos I always spook them when I open the curtains. I've started peeping through the curtains before opening them now in the hope I can enjoy observing a longer visit like your one.