Monday, 18 August 2014

Seconds in

The Safari hardly got out of the house yesterday but a quick wander into the back garden gave us a nice Flesh Fly - look at his bifurcated white trainers, superb face on him too - well we say him but he could easily be a her

This morning we were on tenterhooks and couldn't settle to much as mater was having her cancer op at some time so we got the shears out of the shed and did a bit of therapeutic 'no thinking involved' hacking of the wildlife garden to start prepping it up for winter; hopefully the Young Uns will be able to help finish it off later in the week. 
A quick lunchtime look at Patch 2 was totally unproductive, there being nothing to see at sea at all.
Our afternoon was interrupted by a txt from marine biologist friend DB, she told us there was a Wheatear-like thingy on the back field. We dashed out and sure enough immediately found a Wheatear, only the second we've seen here in 10 years!
We nipped back to the office for the camera while she kept her eye on it for us. Unfortunately there was a number of dog-walkers on the field and it was flushed and flighty and eventually flew up to the roof of the hotel opposite where we got the only pic of it. We hoped it would come back down but it flew off again right over us at height and continued its migration to Africa.
It is a Wheatear - honest!
Where to next? Another mariney exploratory session with the kids tomorrow and the possibility of an exciting development which hopefully we'll perfect in time for our visit by conservation 'royalty' FW and family.
In the meantime let us know what you know you saw but couldn't possibly prove with a dodgy pic in your outback

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