Monday, 4 August 2014

Bound to happen wasn't it

The Safari just knew the weather would perk up as soon as National Whale and Dolphin Watch was over - we weren't wrong, bright sunny and windless today - would you credit it!
An early Patch 2 blimp was a quick quiet affair, we didn't have much time to be able to do it justice but although the wind had dropped it was still a bit choppy out there.
All was not lost though as we had a large number of families with small kids exploring the beach and rockpools for an hour or so before lunch.
The rough weather of the weekend had washed up loads of shells for them to investigate but even though they were only young they were keen to try to catch the quick moving fish and prawns. With mums help they did!
A real whopper!
Why do Common Prawns have blue and yellow stripy feet
We came away with a couple of goodies in our pocket, namely a Blunt Gaper and an old well worn Native Oyster perhaps the remains of a pre-war beach snack.
All good stuff andmmore to come later in the week.
On the way home we stopped of at the zoo to meet up with LS and collect some interesting stuff for the our bug hotel building session with the kids...very interesting stuff...wait and see! 
Stuck in traffic we watched a handful of Swifts wheeling around over the grindingly slow line of cars - superb, a couple of Swallows were with them too. Not long left with the Swifts before they shoot off to the wilds of central Africa.
Where to next? Just the usual brief Patch 2 watches tomorrow but will any blubber turn up?
In the meantime let us know who's wearing the stripy socks in your outback.

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cliff said...

Cracking photo of the prawn Dave, terrific detail - not something I've ever photographed.