Sunday, 24 August 2014

Another fun day on the beach

The Safari was out last night helping with a moth and bat night at a nearby park.
Here's some pics
Why do grown men and kids stand in the dark with slender sticks held high - no it's not some wierd political convention
Bats! That's wot...and they had a couple of 'hits' as the bat connected with the 'artificial' midge!
Here's a Pipistrelle Bat that one of participants kindly brought in, it had been found dead in a disused house some time ago - soooo tiny.
Sorry it's a bit blurry - our wrangler won't keep still
 Moth numbers were quite high considering the cold brisk wind, lots of Square Spot Rustic but a couple of Gold Spots were the highlight
After the usual Sunday morning chores it was time to go and start our final beach family event of the summer season on which we were joined by FW and family for some sand, salty fun in the sun, although Frank may well have been star of the show.
What a superb office this arvo
Beadlet Anemone by FW
Compass Jellyfish by FW
Masked Crab
 You can tell you've been exploring properly if this is the end result

Here's a short bit of video from the underwater-cam, we can see we're going to have some fun with this kit.

FW, HW & the Safari
A great day was had by all - hope you've signed the petition, if you haven't please do!
Where to next? Bank Holiday tomorrow so the weather is bound to be iffy so we may well have a virtual safari to SW Wales for you.
In the meantime let us know what's lurking in the depths of the wellies in your outback.


Heather Wilde said...

A brilliant day, thank you :)

cliff said...

Looks like a terrific day was had by all. Love the Anemone footage, the Compass jellyfish is ace & I can't get over that crab - yikes!