Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pretty perfect but no can go

The Safari looked longingly at the sea on the way to work, after it being very choppy yesterday it was like a carpet this morning, more Wilton or Axeminster than Lino but far far calmer than it had been but we had no possibility of getting out for a look until lunchtime at least. One day soon we'd like to get a glimpse of another Harbour Porpoise or two, it's getting a bit late in the season for another show from the Bottlenose Dolphins, we're getting blubber withdrawal symptoms!
It seemed to take an age for lunchtime to arrive but when it did we were off over to Patch 2 like a shot, only to find the wind had picked up again and although was blowing offshore the sea was well lumpy again - dohhh. We couldn't find anything of note out there at all. Less than ten minutes later we were back behind the desk, but at least we were doing something for our very important Primary Science Teaching Trust wildlife project.
Towards the end of the working afternoon JB and the Safari got the underwater camera out and had a footle round with the attachments and eventually found a decent stick to attach it to - only one thing was going to happen now - a dunking in the works pond!
How many 3-Spined Sticklebacks can you see, we thought we'd got 'most' of them and this 'litle' shoal is only one of several we saw!
Getting there with the underwater cam but still some more practice is needed, a little more time this arvo would have been useful but as it was we forgot a chore we should have done on the way home - dohhhh.
Where to next? Another family day tomorrow but there may be some wildlife to be spotted.
In the meantime let us know who's cruisin round in your outback

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