Friday, 1 August 2014

Well that'll teach us to wuss out

The Safari had a bit of serious and unnerving family news last night and couldn't muster much enthusiasm for today. The early morning Patch 2 visit didn't happen due to very heavy rain which was disappointing as the sea looked very good for spotting cetaceans as we drove to work.
The morning dragged on and the rain continued to come down by the bucket load, that's JCB bucket load not 'dear Liza' bucket load!
Lunchtime couldn't come soon enough and we got out across the road on to the seawall...for all of five minutes! We put the scope up had a couple of scans across the now choppy sea and saw the hugest blackest most menacing cloud approaching far too rapidly. We gave up and legged it back inside just in the nick of time as the heavens opened in a deluge of biblical proportions.
The squall passed and we had a txt from marine biologist DB saying she was on the wall by the shelter and were we out? No we weren't but we did rush out to join her. In the world of weather nothing much changed today and after a few unsuccessful scans, although we 'thought we 'may' have seen a distant skua but weren't sure before losing it somewhere in the increasingly lumpy sea, another deluge close down on us and we beat a hasty retreat again, first DB then no more than a few short minutes later we followed her lead.
Back to the office it was to continue an uninspiring day staring at the puter screen. Then we had a call from the front desk, there was a lady there wanting to speak to us about dolphin watching. 
Unbeknown to us one of DB's friends had been at the shelter to the north of us and braved out the horrendous rainstorms. Not only had she been out but she'd had some joy! A Bottlenose Dolphin had swum past southwards at a right old lick only about half to three quarters of a mile out and probably not long after we'd gone in - b*gger! Serves us right for wussing out...
Where to next? Mothy is on but will the catch be drownded when we get to it in the morning.
In the meantime let us know how wet the deluge was in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Hope the 'unnerving' news isn't too bad Davyman.

Worst of the rain here was overnight - fortunately :-)