Saturday, 9 August 2014

Very brief today

The Safari was relieved to see a dry moth trap for a change when we looked out of the kitchen window this morning.
In it was not a lot of moths but a decent selection of new for the year's
Probably Acleris laterana - dissection needed to confirm ID
Agriphila tristella - a nice dark bronzy one
Rusty Dot Pearl - an immigrant - - don't tell UKIP!
Early Thorn
2 Large Yellow Underwings - showing variation in patterns
Once mothing was done and dusted we went back to bad shattered after a fraught night with Frank who can no longer climb the stairs but has dreadful separation anxiety - never heard him bark  such high pitched yelps before  he's normally a big gruff rumbling barker. We ended up sleeping on the sofa most of the night. This morning was taken up turning the dining room into a makeshift semi-permanent emergency bedroom and a new bed procured.
When we awoke an hour or so later we found to our horror that there'd been a pond filter malfunction and about 200 gallons of water had been pumped through the garage and was sloshing away down the drain - a soggy wet nightmare that needed urgent attention.We pulled the plug and went to 'think about it' while we made some tea and toast!
Turns out a pipe joint had come unstuck.
In the midst of the mayhem we missed a txt from CR which put us on to the Peregrine on the tower, fortunately some four and a bit hours later when we saw the txt  while we were Twitter chatting with young FW it was still there so we got this very poor phonescoped pic of it through the bathroom window for him.

What were we chatting about, well tomorrows big adventure of course #HenHarrierDay. we'll be taking Wifey and Frank to support our local event in the Forest of Bowland AONB whose logo is a Hen Harrier but this year is 'doing well' for them with two pairs...two thirds of the Englich breeding population. hence the need to highlight the huge amount of relentless criminal persecution that is going on driven grouse moors across the land. If you haven't (UK only) please sign the e-petition to Defra. The bad practices of scorched earth upland management doesn't only affect birds like the Hen Harrier and Peregrine, it affects you too in higher insurance premiums due to flooding caused by upland drainage and higher water bills caused by having to remove colour from the water we drink and of course we have a much reduced ecosystem to enjoy too...all in the name of a Red Grouse bloodbath. By getting involved hopefully something will change - starting in particular with a reduction in the criminal persecution...we're on to you!
Frank's not impressed by the criminals either
Where to next? Off to do a moth night in a bit - hope 'Bertha' hangs fire a few more hours, or better still gives us a miss altogether.
In the meantime let us know what's missing in your outback

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