Saturday, 16 August 2014

Not many moffs

The Safari made up a potent brew last night to try in addition to the moth trap - we made a wine rope to hang in the garden. As darkness fell we headed out with our torch to see if anything had found it - sadly we drew a blank every time but that probably had a lot to do with it blowing around wildly in the blustery cold wind. We weren't overly hopeful the trap would pull many in overnight either.
But you never can tell, the wind could have died down, well sometimes it does. 
A passing Curlew was heard to call in the middle of the night so there were some things deffo on the move.
This morning as we dragged Frank out just after 06.00 and as soon as we got to the bigger front gardens along the main road we heard a Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff do a couple of 'hweet' calls from down the road.There were a good number at a localish site early yesterday morning reported to us.
Once back at Base Camp and Frank was breakfasted it was time to check the mothy, would anything be in there?
Here's the full list - it's not that long but goven the obvernight conditions it's probably not too bad for here.
3 Large Yellow Underwings - no escaping them!
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart - nice fresh looking one
2 Agriphila tristella - no escaping them at the mo either
1 Rustic agg
1 something too worn to tell
and star of the show a new for the year Flame Shoulder
It was sluggish enough to take out of the pot for a pic. Once on the table we saw that it extended its long tongue and started to lap up the droplets of rain around it. Never seen that before and didn't realise how long a Flame Shoulder's tongue is - wonder what flowers they prefer to feed at, perhaps one part of moth behaviour seldom seen.
We're a bit annoyed the phone focused just beyond the moth's face for this one
The weather put a full stop on our proposed trip down the motorway to have a look at the Purple Hairstreaks that were reported yesterday. Now will the weather be better next Saturday and if it is will we be able to go as our aging dear Mama has to undergo a serious opration on Monday and we will deffo be on family duty at least one day towards the end of next week.
Where to next? No sure about tomorrow yet, anything could be possible weather permitting!
In the meantime let us know who's lapping it up in your outback

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