Thursday, 14 August 2014

Struggling this week

The Safari hasn't been able to get out much today, just like much of yesterday too. We did get out for a few minutes on to Patch 2 at lunchtime. Not a lot doing out there but at least the tide was late enough and the wind dropped enough not to throw waves over us. All we saw were a few Lesser Black Backed Gulls and a single Great Black Backed Gull and that's your lot! Maybe we didn't give it long enough but there wasn't really enough to keep us interested.
A call from LR who was fishing the incoming tide a way up the coast had us darting out as he told us a Raven was passing him although he did say it was sort of heading inland but we were hopeful that it would coast again and come past us. If it did we didn't see it and the local gulls didn't make a peep we thought they might with something a but large and, to them, unusual.
While we were out we looked for something to point the camera at as part of the #100DaysofNature project the @BBCSpringwatch are running. The idea is simple - find something wildlifey every day, photograph it and post it on Twitter with the hashtag for all to see.
Today we took a while to find any sort of subject until we spotted the sun catching a pink flower deep amongst the parched dead brown stems of the surrounding vegetation in our wild garden.
Simple but nice, better than nice it's life amongst the end of season death.
Where to next? More of the little same tomorrow unless something drastic happens
In the meantime if there's plenty of life still in your outback.

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