Monday, 25 August 2014

Away to the south west corner of Wales

The Safari's Extreme Photographer  has upped sticks and left Lancashire for the sunnier climes of Pembrokeshire. He's been there nearly a month and after a busy couple of weeks settling into his new job has been out n about over the last few days exploring his new environment.
We'll miss his company on our safaris, always good fun but wish him well in his new venture and of course look forward to receiving email updates of new sites and finds. So far it's looking good down there!
Here's his first offerings
Wheatears are on the move right now so it's not surprising that one has turned up on his patch. They breed all around the coast there too
Meadow Grasshopper  
On the hunt
Common Lizard
Sloughing its skin
Not a bad selection at all for starters, we're sure that as he explores further afield and discovers more sites there'll be some cracking pics of brilliant Welsh wildlife for you to enjoy. We eagerly await his next 'delivery' and just as well they came through cos it's been a dreadful Bank Holiday weather-wise here in Safari-land and we haven't been inspired to go out and enjoy our local wildlife at all.
Where to next? Back to work tomorrow but there mightn't be much time for a Patch 2 visit.
In the meantime let us know if you were enthused to get out in your outback today


Warren Baker said...

I was not enthused to get out much at all today Davyman, what a real crap day! No-one expects a sunny bank holiday, but what we got today was just taking the p*ss!!

cliff said...

A fine set of photos from The Extreme there Dave. Say hello to him for me & wish him luck in his new home/venture.