Sunday, 20 November 2011

A 12,000 mile telling off!!!

The Safari was undecided about what to do this morning. The weather was dank and grotty and the light even worse. We didn't want to get Frank to muddy and wet so stayed in until lunchtime and had a catch-up video call with Aussie Glen at Maroo Wildlife Refuge...and promptly got told off for not having sold any of his terribly good 'Burston Blues'. 

So here is a plea to anyone who reads this rubbish anywhere in the world and is in, or knows anyone who is in, a vet's practice, or vet's training college, wildlife rehab centre, pet rescue centre, zoo, wildlife park - in fact anyone who has anything to do with hand rearing young animals please please please get us out of the  bad books and put an order in...they are a top quality product!
Contact AG directly for full details; suitability for your animals, prices, world-wide shipping etc details are on his blog.
Eventually we had to take Frank out and he grabbed his ball, suppose it is his birthday, he's eight around now. Despite the grim light we got a couple of birthday pics of him at the park.

Just near his footy field we saw something pale and grey under the trees, a fungus infested twiggy stump

But is it a fungus or a slime mould? - Anyone any ideas.

There seems to be quite a bit of the graphically named Dog's Vomit Slime Mould about at the moment but we think that is a grassland specialist.
In the park we met a birding couple we've not seen before who were also trying to find something to point their long lens at. They did mention Goldcrest and within a few minutes one was heard calling just outside the Butterfly Zone in the hedge by the posh houses. They also said they'd seen the Peregrine fly over and by the time we got to the tower we could see there were two sat up on the ledges. Almost immediately one dropped off and swooped round and away upsetting the gulls as it went leaving this one sat there admiring the murky view.

Where to next? Might get out somewhere with our Extreme Photographer tomorrow although the weather doesn't look overly  promising for much photography never mind that of an extreme nature.
In the meantime let us know who's been reprimanded in your outback.


Stu said...

That top photo would make a good album cover...............from some late 90's stoner band perhaps.

Warren Baker said...

See you've got some crap weather too Davo :-) Where's all the cold crispy days gone ?

Monika said...

I was going to send the link along to our local wildlife rehab center, but it doesn't look like there's all that much information about the product on his blog site, other than a picture. Is there something I'm missing?

Love the picture of Frank....

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Monika - let them know and if they're interested ask them to contact Glen directly iether throughg a comment or by email...I've asked him to set up a separate website for the Blues with all necessary details on it, hopefully he'll have that online soon.


Blackpool Nature said...

Another great pic of Frank !
Wish him Happy Birthday from me.
Love the fungus ( or slime mould )
stump - I don't need to search for nature shots anymore - I'll just follow you around !


Aussie Glen said...

Dave Just Updated the blog

details are now on a seperate page aussie glen