Friday, 4 November 2011

An American invasion to repel

The Safari caught a movement in the corner of our eye yesterday arvo. Not happy!!! Now we know what these militants in the Middle East feel like when threatened by the all powerful all conquering Yanks. 
We've got to defend our little patch at all costs! And what cost - have you seen the price of squirrel proof feeders lately!!! Anyone got an RPG going spare???
What would we give for it to have been a Red Squirrel, alas these are long gone from round here, sent to oblivion and the history books by the onslaught of the invaders from across the pond, or at least by the pox they carry. Having said that we'd still need squirrel proof feeders but might just allow one to be used by our native furry friend. This one though is gettin nowt! 
We're in danger of becoming a conservation fascist...death to the aliens is the battle cry...except nice ones like Little Owl (all say "ahhh" cos they're cute and don't interfere with our 'proper' wildlife - unless your a worm or beetle-ophile of course...any others out there? Could have Eagle Owl - out of pure devilment)

Game's up buster you've been spotted...yes the grey suit...Gettt ooorrrfff maaa lannd!!!
And don't think for a minute we can't see you!!!!
This morning a wander up the garden to survey the damage - judging by the size of the enlarged feeding port the Collared Doves are going to have a field day and the Greenfinches will be able to get their big heads in a bit easier - we found a small Plume Moth, not long enough views to pin a name tag to it, and a Red Admiral.
Where to next? Weekend cometh and we might be able to make a short safari further afield - Great White Hope???
In the meantime let us know what's swinging off whose nuts in your outback.


DaveOnFidalgo said...

Good luck with that one. They have also driven out our unassuming Western Gray Squirrels. Now, let's talk about those Starlings...

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks for stoppin by Dave. Only 100,000 starlings roosting a couple of miles down the road -hope to be able to go and watch them someday soon, perhaps this w/end


Anonymous said...

Canada Geese are another one that need sorting out.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Eat the aliens Dean - that's what I say!!! There's veritable larder full out there - geese, squirrels, muntjac the list is endless, all fit nicely on a plate surrounded by gravy...but maybe not in your case :)


Monika said...

Ugh - not a nice sight. Like DaveOnFidalgo, I've seen them overtake our native squirrels here in the Pacific Northwest, too. It's not easy to keep them off your feeders, that's for sure! Good luck.