Friday, 11 November 2011

Nowt doin up here so back down there

The Safari has hardly seen anything flitting around from the sitting room window today; it's been a cool, grey blustery autumnal affair. Last night was a clear Woodcock Moon which cast eery shadows all across the garden at midnight - boy was it bright, but not a Woodcock was seen! Late Edit - Four possibly five seen at the nature reserve this morning!
So with nothing to rite any rubbish about we'll head off back Down Under courtesy of our Extreme Photographer - no idea where these pics were taken he went all over the place, interior, north, south, east and west and all around the coast from tropics to the wild south west.
This chappy has the look of a tropical rather than a sub-temperate crab.
A  gloriously marked frog.
 Here's looking at you kid...peek-a-boo
In the wetter areas  there are a good number of freshwater turtles of a variety of species.

Just begging to be picked up and held its portrait to be taken; looks like a cheery little chap doesn't he.

Australian birds we're more familiar with, or at least we have a field guide...although Black Kites should be fairly easy to ID as   they are found pretty much everywhere this side off the Atlantic if it's warm enough for them.

Red Tailed Black Cockatoos are widely distributed and not faring too badly apart from in the 'heavily populated' south east of thee country (hahaha - 22 million people in all that space - there's nearly that many in our own tiny SE corner!). The RTB's have two similar white tailed versions in the SW of Western Australia, Carnaby's and Baudin's Cockatoos both are srtuggfling in the face of extending urbanisation and loss of native bus. Aussie Glen can be seen holding one or other of the two on his header pic.

New Holland Honeyeaters are found long the southern coastal strip from Perth to Brisbane but excluding the treeless Nullabor.

A close relative is this Yellow Throated Miner which is found throughout the continent apart from the most arid regions of the interior.

We couldn't leave you and not show you another pic of the Splendid Fairy Wren from Maroo Wildlife Refuge, could we? Splendid really isn't  a strong enough adjective for the males of the species!!!

We hope you enjoyed your trip Down Under, normal, northern hemisphere,  service may be resumed tomorrow.
Where to next? It is the weekend and anything could happen.
In the meantime let us know what's too brightly coloured for its own good in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Great selection of aussie wildlife again Davo :-)

Christian said...

Lovely shots of exotic creatures. Very nice. Had Tree Sparrows in my garden in Higher Bartle (near Woodplumpton) this morning - first time ever!