Monday, 14 November 2011

Just not quick enough off the mark

The Safari took Frank out for his pre-bed constitutional and bumped into a mammal fest. At the little field he started sniffing like his nose was gonna drop off and then a hint of movement in the distance by the houses alerted us to the reason behind all this sniffin - a Fox was sat by the side of the first garden's fence. As Frank followed his nose closer it saw us an walked away round the corner, fortunately Frank didn't see it as we doubt if we could hold him back in our incapacitated state. Neither did he see the second one that followed the first a minute or so's a good while since we've seen any sign of the local Foxes so to get two together was very pleasing. We'd begun to imagine all sorts of nasty 'pest' controllers might have been at work at the behest of some of the less enlightened residents - thankfully not. Continuing his sniff-a-thon Frank branched out away from the bushiness and into the middle of the field where his nose led him to a big fat Hedgehog, excellent - two species of mammal in one night!
Overhead we heard a skein of Pink Footed Geese go coastwards in the darkness. Then all hell was let loose, Frank's nemesis, the two little hairy things that live in the corner house were out and they gave him hell as he passed - what must the neighbours think??? But when (very) old Blue appeared at the gate Frank doubled back and went into raptures skipping about like one of those rodeo bucking bull things and barking like a lunatic; he's not seen his 'friend' for ages as poor Blue is becoming more deaf and blind by the day so doesn't come to the gate so often now. Frank was very pleased he did today though.
The garden provided little by way of entertainment today, the feeders staying largely unattended...until the sunny seed feeder using Dunnock put in an all too brief appearance. The camera was grabbed and set to video mode but by then it had already done one. We waited posed like a coiled spring for its never did. So you;ll have to make do with a bit of footage (can you have digital footage?) of  the Goldfinches instead...well at least they're more colourful...

Took this and then a second very similar one a few seconds later and tried to stitch them together using this W7 pc's Windows Live Movie Maker Project (.wlmp) but Blogger doesn't recognise the file type...any suggestions of how best to convert it to something suitable? Tried 'Save As' but there are no other formats available :(
Where to next? A drive out...not on safari though but to get a new exhaust for Wifey's car sounds like a souped up V8 at the mo, which it patently isn't!
In the meantime let us know what shouldn't be on the feeders in your outback.


Anonymous said...

Dave, the few videos i`ve taken have all been uploaded to youtube first, then copied & pasted onto the blog. That way you don`t use any of your blog mb space.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Dean, I couldn't load it onto YouTube either but think I've solved the problem
Good tip about blogger memory - will remember that