Thursday, 17 November 2011

Great White hunter

The Safari was out early doors in the pre-dawn blackness again this morning
Yesterday morning was Blackbird day, this morning it was the Robins' turn to be everywhere. We were accompanied by their song and ticking all around our walk. Didn't get into the park just did the shortened version. Heard the Peregrine calling from round the back of the tower well before it got light and we tried to count the Magpies in Magpie Wood but Frank sat down and a car's headlights disturbed them so we only got about two dozen. They sit still if we walk slowly past but if we stop they get very fidgety and move to the far side of the wood
At Base Camp the Dunnock looked as though it was going to make an attempt on the north face of the feeder but a Blue Tit came in and disturbed it - we even had the camera ready this time :( Also present early doors was a Robin, a bright male Chaffinch and a dowdier female both of which have learned to use the feeder and a Great Tit.
Later in the morning we had the opportunity to try a drive out and test our new steering boss on the open road. We headed down to the big estuary and immediately spotted two Marsh Harriers followed very closely by a Peregrine which cruised in low to the ground before swooping up onto the vertcal branch of a driftwood log. 
Lots of Curlews were on the marsh and in the distance we counted 66 Mute Swans with smaller scattered flocks of grazing feral Canada and Grey Lag Geese. Several skeins of Pink Footed Geese flew down river and out towards the mouth of the estuary. We didn't see any egrets at all. 
When a wildfowler came off the marsh we had a chat with him but thankfully he hadn't had a 'good' morning, nor had he seen any egrets all the time he was out there.
Other odds n sods included a few Meadow Pipits, a small flock of Lapwings and a Sparrowhawk cruising the bushes at the edge of the marsh.
We couldn't stay to long and as we got in the Land Rover to leave a Little Egret flew in from some deep creek further still no Great White Egret for our BI life list -surely we've  gotta crack that one before this year's out!
Where to next? Might be able to hit the nature reserve for an hour or two tomorrow morning.
In the meantime let us know what you've failed to hunt down in your outback.


Anonymous said...

I find Magpies very jittery at the best of times, Dave.

Warren Baker said...

Like Dean says, they are jittery birds, hardly ever get a photo of one!

By the way that link you sent me didn't work :-) what was that about ?

Warren Baker said...

Davo, got the link working :-) Pity the woman hadn't posted up the photo! I walk past that field ( just off patch) every morning to work, i'll have to lift my head up tomoz!!!

cliff said...

I'm hoping to get an hour or two in at the Mere tomoz Dave so may bump into you down there.