Saturday, 26 November 2011

Braving the elements?

The Safari had every intention of nipping out to the nature reserve for a couple of hours Otter spottin this arvo but totally bottled out when the weather turned for the worst. 
Earlier we'd been out before the lashing rain started for a short wander with Wifey and Frank. Not a lot doing but we came across yet another arty autumnal scene that was worthy of pointing the camera at.

Pity the sun wasn't out to catch the intense purple of the Dogwood stems by the bench.
We came across yet another flock of Long Tailed Tits but didn't bother pointing the camera at them today.
A fallen log was home to a sizable colony of Stag's Horn fungus. 
Didn't see the spider's webs in real life, but then our eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

Looks like a tiny miniature version of the aftermath of this. In all probability the Refuge may have some new arrivals requiring tender care in the near future. To help indirectly you can always download the story wot we rote to your Kindle device as a proportion of the proceeds will be donated to the refuge to help with their vital conservation work protecting some of the world's rarest species. 
Where to next? Even worse weather is forecast tomorrow but we hope to get out and check out the very high tide at the southern estuary followed by more Otter spotting if we aren't too cold and wet by then.

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Warren Baker said...

Davo, the weather sounds exciting!! Not had any ''weather'' here for months, just a southerly, to south easterly drift for months on end, no rain to speak of at all, a very strange Autumn!!