Saturday, 19 November 2011

Miffed - Diddled out of our 5 seconds of fame

The Safari got the answers to the quiz in double quick time last night. OK so it's only a bit of fun... innit? Look closely at the timings, we got the correct answers at 21.30 (lalows) - actually Wifey played a blinder and got the Grey Phalarope. Somehow a chap called Keith was credited with 'winning' at 21.31 and he only got two answers down - cheek of it!!!
Nice to see fellow blogger Alex Holt weighing in with the correct answer at 21.33; then blow us down, at 21.34 up pops Keith again at #14 with the correct answer and gets the mention...what'as that all about???
Today was all about Frank and his '3rd Gotcha Day' - yep it's three years since we rescued the mad mutt from whatever he needed rescuing it could be said we need rescuing from him. We had a little wander in the early afternoon sunshine with him, we walked he sniffed!

 Found a bit of autumn colour to get some pics of him in.
The woodland walk gave us a few arty photo opportunities including this clump of Ink Caps. Behind them a Robin kept hopping on and off the horizontal log in the background but it didn't find a way to get in the pic.

Other arty stuff we hunted around for included these tangled roots of an Elder bush.

The stream only gave us one opportunity but with the reflections in the small pool of light and the ripples we quite like it.

Nothing else to report, other than a probable Crossbill(s?) flying over when we were chatting to one of our dog walking neighbours, we looked up without appearing rude but didn't see anything, so we'll sign off and go and find big Frank's birthday bone.
Where to next? Out somewhere tomorrow morning for a short while at least.
In the meantime let us know what's being reflected in your outback.


Stephen Dunstan said...

Purple Sand in your neck of the woods today Dave.


Warren Baker said...

Dave, it's not ''What you know'' it's ''Who you know'' !! :-)

Fylde Amphibian & Reptile Group said...

Thank's Stephen might well have a look tomorrow; shame the high tides are when it's dark it could go on the wall with the redshanks and turnstones if it does go straight on down to Hilbre.

Anyone might think i was bitter Warren :)


Blackpool Nature said...

Great pic of Frank - He's a STAR!!!


cliff said...

Those Ink Caps look massive Dave, like something out of Land of the Giants.

Stu said...

Crossbills and mushrooms..............2 of my favourite things.........

Captain Shagrat said...

Make the most of him, labs are fantastic, miss mine like.... well there are no words. I like the name Frank, my lab was called Harry and Monty Don called his lab retriever Nigel, these kinda names sorta suit the lab nature don't you think;-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Harry, Nigel,Frank - sounds like an old fell's convention in the park!

We inherited his name...perhaps Frank Bruno had something to do with it?

Thanks for sailin by Cap'n...