Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Autumn colour

The Safari hasn't been able to do much wildlifing today.
Small flock of Greenfinches came out of their roost in the half light of dawn with a Sparrowhawk in hot pursuit. A few more Gringos popping out of the bushes brought the total number to 10.
The walk back to Base Camp from the local shops produced another daytime suburban Woodcock sighting. 
Mid afternoon we were able to have a half hour wander along the southern section of the North Blackpool Pond Trail - no birds made the notebook but we did admire the last of the autumn colour as the sun started to set behind the (total lack of) Peregrine's tower. We looked for some fungi for the lens but none were found so autumn colour it was...

Where to next? Last session of physioterrorism tomorrow followed by a short afternoon safari perhaps even using the Land Rover...
In the meantime let us know if the colours are being enhanced by the setting sun in your outback.

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