Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Burston Blues

The Safari hasn't been out today other than for another 'final' session of physioterrorism with a new piece of medieval torture equipment to 'play' with. Looks like a tennis racquet without the handle . You put your finger tips in the holes and clench yer fist...jeezzz it's hard and hurts after a while. Next week's session my be the last one...or it might not...anyway we'll be back to work by then which is annoying cos we're just getting fit enough to be able to enjoy being off work and able to go places and do things...ain't life a bummer!
After our minor telling off by AG the other day we have now able to give you more details about his wonderful product the "Burston Blues"

So following on from our previous plea - if you know anyone who might have use for this hand made top quality product for hand rearing puppies, kittens, Bears, Badgers, Deer, Skunks, Monkeys, Wombats or Wallabies please see our new dedicated page on the right hand side bar and contact the Refuge directly for full product details, prices, air-freight shipping rates etc etc. at dollar.downs @ bigpond.com without the spaces   He can supply you wherever you are in the world!
Where to next? Should be able to get out for a short safari tomorrow and news of an exciting new project we've just been able to get launched.
In the meantime let us know if you can make a sale in your outback.


Aussie Glen said...

Thanks Dave you are now "off" the Redback list of recipients. We now have a donation coming in for roofing iron for the Cockatoo Enclosure so will be able to complete. You have to go back to work? thought you were getting used to being a homemaker..

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...