Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gettin' better all the time

The Safari was able to get out along the southern section of the North Blackpool Pond Trail again this arvo, and a beautiful day it was too. We got as far as this pond which was quite busy. Along the bushes at the back there was a steady flow of Blackbirds working their way from berry to berry towards us; all very flighty clucking and staying low down in the deepest cover.

Just to the left of where we sat trying to get a pic of the pair of Moorhens before they sidling into cover never to be seen again we noticed this Red Clover flower.
Other birds seen at this busy little intersection were three male Chaffinches going over westwards, a couple of Dunnocks, a Blue Tit, and a Song Thrush. A Wren was heard and the House Sparrow flock contained at least eight birds - hard to count as they continually nipped from here to the houses across the field and back in flockets of three or four at a time. These two look like they've had a falling out!
The light was really good and patience was rewarded when a nice male sat up on the topmost branches almost properly framed - fortunately the auto-focus did its job.

A Red Admiral was watched as it fluttered past; we watched it with the bins until it was the tiniest of dots, not once did it veer off its southerly path.
With a very thobby hand we headed back. Stopping at the orchard we watched a pair of Wrens skulking round under the Bramble thicket with a Blue Tit of all things - not often you see them hopping round on the ground for extended periods. Tried to get some pics but it was a bit too dark under the trees :(
Out in the open on the mound you can get the impression why this could be a good vis-migging spot. It's the highest point around - not by much! - and has good open aspects all round.
The pond may have the potential to pull the odd thing down on the right day too.
Looking the other way from the top of the mound is the reedbed, no Water Rails today just a churring Wren and a dash-past Redwing.

Where to next? Probably try to get out along here again tomorrow, perhaps get dropped off first thing when Wifey goes to work - still gotta take it real steady.
In the meantime let us know what's very flighty in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Getting expert with the old Camera now Davo!! Very nice :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Think the sunshine is the real reason for the improvement in photography Warren


Anonymous said...

"Gettin better all the time"
Good to hear, Dave.
Some nice pics there.
There`s still quite a few plant species in flower over here, too.