Thursday, 17 November 2011


The Safari would like to bring to your attention this's not often we ask you to do something for us but we feel this is important...and if Scotland can do it surely England has to follow suit.
Please read and sign if you wish - many thanks
BTW we have nothing to do with this group but would like to see a proper number of Hen Harriers on our local estuaries in the winter months - they don't have far to travel...if only they were allowed to.
Nice pic of a HH taken at the nature reserve recently - they shouldn't be one off occasional visitors here there is enough habbo in the vicinity to hold one or two all winter..well we for have a several Buzzards, a pair of Kestrels, a pair of Barn Owls and an as yet unknown number of Long Eared Owls so it's not as if there's no food available.


Christian said...

Signed. Thank you for bringing the petition to our attention. I love Hen Harriers and I'd love to see many more. Saw one at Rawcliffe a couple of weeks ago, but it's the first I've EVER seen in England. Not good enough!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Christian - pass it on